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Strange Things Building Inspectors Find inside Ceilings

It is not uncommon for a building inspector to find some unexpected and unusual things when inspecting a house. From the carcasses of exterminated rodents, to bags of rubbish, boxes of keepsakes, and letters from a childhood sweetheart!

Ceiling spaces are sometimes used for storage by homeowners when they don’t have any alternative storage solution.

Building materials and boxes take up space and if the backyard shed doesn’t have reliable, dry conditions, then the ceiling space is often the next place people turn to. Depending on the pitch of the roof, ceiling spaces are usually very cramped and only suitable for crawling, just ask any

building inspector! Things like heating and A/C ducting will make the space even more confined and the addition of unnecessary storage items can really make the space nearly impossible to inspect.

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Problems with using your ceiling for storage:

  • Ceiling spaces that have tiles can still get quite dirty when wind blows dust and debris in
  • If heavy items are not stored correctly or if they are moved to place weight directly on plaster board or insulation, they can cause cracks in ceiling paint and plaster joins
  • Items can easily be forgotten (many a new home owner has been left with previous owners junk or treasure)
  • Storing items can cause dangerous obstructions for service personnel (electricians, maintenance people, plumbers, pest exterminators etc..)
  • If stored items are blocking ventilation areas or electrical fittings, they can cause items to overheat which can be dangerous
  • Boxes and stored items can become home and a breeding ground for pests (insects, spiders and vermin) and can make it difficult to fumigate and inspect adequately

Other Storage Options:

  • If there is adequate height, ceiling spaces can be professionally converted to valuable storage space by a licensed builder and fold-down staircase ladders can also make accessing the storage safer and easier
  • Installation of a garden shed
  • Existing sheds and workshops can also have shelves and racks installed for extra storage
  • If your budget will afford it, there is always space available that you can hire by the month at local self storage facilities
  • If all else fails, store it in the spare room at your mum’s place!
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