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We offer professional advice and provide comprehensive reports which are completed within 24 hours of the home inspection. After the inspection we are available for any questions you might have in relation to the building report.

Below is our standard pricing for all concrete slab on ground house types with up to 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen. Additional costs will be associated with Timber Sub-Floor homes ($50.00), Granny Flats ($100), a house larger than a 4 x 2 we will provide a quote.

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Types of Building Inspection Reports Available

Pre-Purchase Basic Building Inspection $295

Perth Building InspectionsThe Pre-Purchase Basic Inspection Report looks into the structural elements of the building. The following areas will be inspected where applicable:

  1. The Interior of the building
  2. The sub floor space
  3. The roof space
  4. The exterior of the building
  5. The roof exterior

Any area in the structure that has lost its designed structural integrity is considered a structural fault. This report is usually 12+ pages and includes photos of the structure. A sample of this report is available upon request.


Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Building Inspection  $475

A Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Inspection Report includes all of the above in the ‘basic’ PLUS we also check:

  • Smoke detectors and RCD’s (safety switches)
  • Doors and windows
  • Electrical fittings, power points & light fittings
  • Oven, rangehood, cooktop & airconditioning
  • Plumbing Fixtures and fittings, vanity basins, baths, toilets, sinks & taps
  • Roofing, facia, gutters, downpipes, eaves, barges, vents & skylights
  • Insulation and sarking
  • Kitchen, laundry & bathroom cabinets and benchtops
  • Stairs
  • Driveways & paths
  • Boundary fencing and retaining walls
  • Surface water drainage

It is a comprehensive report of the condition of your home. This report is usually 40+ pages and includes photos of the structure, fixtures and fittings. A sample of this report can be seen on this website.

Practical Completion Inspection $495 

A Practical Completion Inspection Report is the final ‘To Do’ list for the builder prior to handover. At this stage we will check:

  • External treatments have been completed and the workmanship is acceptable,
  • Appropriate sealing has been made to the wet areas,
  • Fixtures and fittings have been installed correctly,
  • Paint finishes are of a quality standard,
  • All hardware is fitted and works including all windows and doors,
  • All electrical & plumbing fixtures have been installed and functioning correctly,
  • All cabinets are operational
  • Roof structure and tie down requirements

This inspection report will outline all defects that require attention defects are marked with a coloured sticker for easy identification. The owner is responsible to check that all finishes, fixtures and fittings on the addenda are as requested and the inspector will inspect them as per the outline above. A copy of this report is available upon request.


Defects Liability Period Inspection $395

For contracts that fall within the threshold of $7,500 to $500,000 the builder is liable to make good, without additional cost, defects in the building work that have been notified in writing within 4 months of practical completion. The 4 months can be extended if agreed by both parties and it has been specified in the contract.

The 4 months defects liability period applies from ‘practical completion’ which means ‘brought to the stage where the home building work is completed except for any ommisions or defects which do not prevent the home building work from being reasonably capable of being used for its intended purpose.

Most new home owners don’t realise that the onus is on them to contact the builder in writing within the 4 months so often this milestone goes past and the inspection never gets done. The inspection report will identify all maintenance issues which can then be sent to the builder. A copy of this report is available upon request.


Roof Frame Inspection $295

In Western Australia the common way to build a roof is by using a ‘conventional’ timber roof structure. It is a different type of construction to timber or steel roof trusses which are engineered and built in a factory. A conventional roof is built by a carpenter on site using timber that needs to be cut on site and fitted in its correct position. Additional to this are tie-down requirements that actually hold the roof down to the walls and foundations of the house so that the roof does not blow off in a storm or cyclone. So in this type of construction there is more room for mistakes to be made.

The standards for roof construction are set out in Australian Standard 1684.2 and for new homes there are usually engineering drawings that detail how the roof of your new home will be constructed. Our inspector will use these plans to inspect what has been constructed and the report will itemise any area that does not comply with AS 1684.2 and the engineering plans.


Does the Property Have a Granny Flat?

If the house has a granny flat there will be an additional cost of $100, If the house has more than 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen there could be additional costs, please call us to discuss.

Does the Property Have a Swimming Pool?

If you book a Pool Safety Inspection at the same time as any of the above Building Inspections, then you will only be charged an additional $55 for the Pool Safety Barrier Inspection. Take advantage of this special offer if you are at all unsure about the barriers surrounding the pool.


Refund Policy
A refund will be given if the inspection has not taken place and the contract has come to an end because of another condition within the contract. Security Policy: When making a payment to Perth Property Inspections, your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. 128-bit SSL encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break, and is the industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our customer support centre at