Selling Your Home Tips

If you are planning on selling your home, there are many things that you can do to make it more enticing to buyers. Fresh paint and new carpet will increase the appeal and they are something that most people will notice and appreciate. Home buyers don’t like to see marks and stains, they want to see clean, fresh, walls and floor coverings.

If the carpet is worn or badly out-dated, it may require replacing. If it is just grubby, you may be able to remove the stains in your carpet yourself or you may choose to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Clean carpet will lift the appearance and appeal of a house. Deodorising may also help if you have pets.

Home Cooked Smells

Some people believe that putting on a home cooked casserole just before an open home will help to attract buyers and give the place a warm, homely inviting atmosphere via the senses. But if you were shopping for a new home, would you want to smell someone else’s dinner or fresh carpet? I know that I would prefer to smell that “new house, new carpet” smell. Food flavours and cooking are all a personal taste and a vegetarian buyer might be repelled by the smell of your Grandma’s delicious roast lamb casserole.

Neutral Wins

The general rule for choosing paint colours and window furnishings is to keep it neutral to widen the appeal. You might personally love a bright purple coloured wall in the dining room, but the chances are that many people will not. This doesn’t mean that you cannot use creative flair when styling your decor, but keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste.

When Your House Sells

When your house does sell, don’t automatically assume that the new house you are looking to purchase will have the same well built and maintained structure as the house you sold. To discover if your new home has had dodgy workmanship or illegal cover-ups, book in a building inspection with a registered builder. Refer: Building Inspection Prices.

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Painting On a Budget

Painting your house is something that you can do on your own if you want to save some money. Having the right paint will help you save more and maximize the use of your paint to its full potential. You also must keep in mind that just because you want an affordable paint, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice its quality.

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