What is a Professional Inspector?

The scary fact is that anyone can find and download a building inspection “checklist” off the internet and start an inspections business here in Western Australia and there are a lot of clever business people out there who are doing exactly that. This is due to a lack of state industry governance, and often the consumer is completely unaware. Technically, anyone who is doing something on a paid basis can claim to be a “professional”, but it is always wise to dig a little deeper to find out what kind of professional they are.

When you are trusting a building inspector to assess and report on the structural integrity of your new home, you need more than a clever businessman or a slick franchise, you need a REGISTERED BUILDER, someone who is experienced in performing inspections and who has adequate education, training, experience and background in the residential construction industry. You need someone who makes it a priority to keep up to date with building regulation changes and someone who is professional, courteous, reliable and prompt. Do you know anyone who meets all of these requirements? We do!

Perth Property Inspections’ building Inspector, Steve Miller is a 3rd generation builder. Steve is a registered builder (Registered with the Building Commission of Western Australia – Registration Number 100649). More…

Perth Property Inspections is adequately insured being covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance policies.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Public Liability Insurance  

Owned and operated by registered builder (registered with the WA Building Commission).

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Member of

Pre-Purchase Inspectors National Registry

Pre-Purchase Inspectors National Registry

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Australian Affiliation of Property Inspectors

Australian Affiliation of Property Inspectors

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