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What’s New In The World Of Landscaping?

In Perth, the rising trend of smaller sized blocks has also resulted in people opting for low maintenance gardens and artificial lawns.

Landscaping Trends
Gardening is thought by some to be a chore, but not to those who know the value of an aesthetic art form such as landscaping. Your landscape represents the outward appearance of your home, just as your fashion sense in clothes represent the self-image that you wish to project to the world.

A person’s fashion sense can tell you a lot about them, just as a home’s yard can tell you a lot about who lives inside. Like fashion, landscaping follows fads and trends, ever changing with the times. You most likely wouldn’t want to throw on some polka-dot bell-bottoms and a plaid turtleneck sweater to impress everyone at the party, because in 2017, it’s just not tasteful.

Similarly, a full troop of automated talking lawn gnomes and a flower bed of Venus fly traps might be seen as a tacky and an overdone aesthetic for your home’s exterior. So then, what is currently trending in the world of landscaping?

Subtlety, Sensibility, and Sustainability (SSS)
We live in a time following the rapid expansion of capitalism and all of the extraneous luxuries it has consumed and laid waste to in its early form. Where a rapidly growing economy once saw no limit to what it could afford, the economic downturn has caused people to see that conservation and efficiency will be key in the evolution of our gardening culture and our well being.

It is for this reason that more and more people are starting to set the trend of scaling back flashy and unnecessary aspects of their home, making efforts to preserve precious resources and reduce the footprint of man on the planet. This is manifesting in people’s landscapes across the world in the form of plants that can make due with less water, gardens that grow food instead of decorative flowers, furniture and structures built with natural and sustainable materials, even water catchments and solar panels.

Where landscapes were once plots of land that served little or no function while requiring loads of water and power to maintain, they are now becoming more and more utilized to make useful contributions to our lifestyles instead of waste and unnecessary consumption.

Natural and Earthy
As a society, we have seemingly strayed far away from our ancestor’s more natural and holistic way of living. In a world where every appliance and a hand-held tool is becoming ‘smart,’ people seem to be yearning to take certain aspects of their lives back to simpler, humbler times.

This is why it can be seen that simplicity is trending in landscapes all around the world. Grandiose water fountains with flashy lights are out; sustainable plant life, natural stones and minerals, and old school craftsmanship are in.

If you want to be in line with the trending style of landscaping of today, then start thinking of ways you can make your yard look beautiful, while squeezing every bit of usefulness and efficiency as possible from your land. This will save you time and money, while perhaps helping to save the planet at the same time.

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