Adding Value with a DIY Renovation

kitchen ronovationTo add value to your house, a home DIY renovation to your kitchen or bathroom is a good place to start.  The kitchen is usually the first thing that people look at when considering the purchase of a home, as it is often considered to be the heart of a home. Therefore, adequate planning on how to make your kitchen beautiful and practical is very important.

Think about how the space is used, the way traffic flows in the area, what is needed by way of cupboard storage and appliances, technology that you wish to integrate (place for laptop, phone chargers, modem, touch-screen lighting, AC and entertainment controls), as well as any maintenance issues that should be looked after before the renovations begin.

Plan the plumbing and electrical wiring with a qualified plumber and electrician and research your kitchen appliances purchases carefully. If your appliances and fixtures are old, replace them if they don’t meet energy or water efficiency standards. Don’t just look at the purchase price, as a cheap dishwasher will cause you frustration every day if it is not cleaning your dishes effectively, or if it is costing you more than it needs to due to excessive water and power consumption.

If appliances will be added to your kitchen and/or bathrooms also have a plumbing professional check for adequate current flow, water pressure and drainage.

If things like ventilation and/or air conditioning need to be installed because there aren’t any already in place,  have the installation completed before any decorative renovations take place to avoid any damage to your new finishes, furnishings and appliances.

Flat-packed kitchens from Bunnings and IKEA are popular with Western Australian homeowners who are heading down the DIY route. If the finances are there, then it usually better to find a qualified, professional, cabinet-maker to make and or install new kitchens.