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Damaged Roofing Tiles?

August has brought some wild weather for Perth. With heavy rains and some localised flooding, it brings home the importance of keeping your roof in good repaid.

There have been reports of roofing restoration companies in Perth inspecting and allegedly exaggerating the damage of tiles, so that they can sell a costly, full roofing restoration package. Why would you trust an unknown door-knocking salesman to inspect the condition of something when they are trying to sell you the same thing?

Most homeowners are not inclined to climb up on to their own roofs and inspect the condition of roof tiles for themselves, and many home owners don’t really know what to look for. For the record, we don’t encourage homeowners to climb on their own roofs as it can be dangerous. If you have concerns or doubts about the condition of your roof or roofing tiles, it is wise to engage a registered builder or a building inspector (the building inspector should also be a registered builder!).

Concrete roofing tiles are porous (they absorb water) and that is why they have a protective sealant (waterproof coating or paint), so replacing damaged, cracked and deteriorated roof tiles is vital to protecting your your home from Perth’s harsh weather conditions.

Perth’s fierce summers can cause tiles to crack and deteriorate. Another cause of damage can be evaporative air-conditioning water run offs, children retrieving balls and tradesman and repair people cleaning gutters, accessing the roof space externally or the adjustment of TV antennas and satellite dishes.

If damaged roof tiles are not repaired or replaced quickly, there is a strong risk of water damage in your ceiling and this can be expensive to repair.

It is wise to check roofing conditions after a storm and to keep an eye open for some of the common signs of damage, such as dampness in ceilings and dark or peeling paint on walls and ceilings.
If in doubt, contact registered builder, Perth Property Inspections for an unbiased, professional inspection. They don’t sell or provide roofing restoration packages.

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